Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

blasted photo bucket

for the last week, since the wonderful clap suggested a way of posting photos on lj i've been trying to upload photos onto photobucket...

to no avail. the photos are here, safe and sound, on this computer. they are Massive files (anyone know how to shrink a photo's size?) and one photo takes more than an hour to upload. i know, because i haven't been able to upload a photo as i can only stay online for one hour.

ok, so some catch phrases i've learned that i'll probably continue to use whnn i get home. i figure if i write them down now people may have some idea of what i'll be saying:

Shanty Shanty: peace and quiet. Indians always repeate a phrase for signficance or something. same word means two different things, but shanty basically means peaceful. so if you see me sitting around doing nothing, or ask me what i'm thinking, and i reply "shanty shanty" i'm being peaceful, leave me the Fuck Alone.

tora tora: half half, or little little, as in i speak tora tora english. and no, this has no relations to the film (for the film buffs)

dhaniwad: thankyou. i hate saying thankyou, or is it please... or both, so i'll just start saying dhaniwad to confuse you

Ram Ram Sa! means Ram is great. Ram was a prince of India who is the reincarnation of Vishnu, or something. people in India go wild if you say it, they expect westerners to only know Namaste.

G. all these years getting people to call me G, it means Sir in India. it's weird walking through the country side with people saying "Namaste G" "How do you know me!... wait..." so namaste G.

buss. enough, too much, no more. be worried when you hear this from me concerning alcohol, it means you should prepare a bed.

no insults yet, and can't think of any more that i would use in daily life (if i ask you to pass the subgei be worried... i'll let that tease your minds for a while) though i'm sure i've had a few insults hurled at me. one guy called me 'white snake' but it was in english, so i don't know the translation. it was cool being called white snake, i call it my prison name.

no chaos or drama today, just work and food. i love not being sick, though now i'm worried my bowels have gone the other way. can a person get constipated in India? would one recommend chilli? i should do more Aurvedah research.

oh, and if people thought i was a crazy hippie before, you should hear my theories of the universe and natural energies now... coo coo....
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