Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

it's all going insane!

after snapping at a rickshaw driver (i rarely tell strangers to Fuck Off!) and clawing at my skin in a cafe i've decided the city is no longer a place for me and am returning back to the farm. could be for a couple of days, could be for the rest of my trip. either way, i'm out of Jaipur.

and off the net. it's been great talking to some of you online late at night, or early in the morning as luck would have it sometimes, but it'll also be great to be isolated again. computer is too much a temptation when its around. so i'm going net free till i return home.

one whole week. ouuuu... think i can last. pfft.

i got to see the best side of the city; from a great distance. even better is when i won't be able to see it at all. i'm not really keen on the farm either, theres nothing there for me but food and work. i'll get to watch some bollywood movies, but other than that i'm done with there too.

home it is. in a week... 6 sleeps. man, i spend 6 hours at delhi airport! six HOURS! they don't even have carpeting! what am i going to do there for six hours! in singapore, the shopping complex of the future, i spend 2! at least in singapore i could sleep!...

i don't think the manager will be happy with me. never really did any work, never did any of the spying he wanted, and after i leave i don't think anything i taught will continue. ohh well, his first attempt at a volunteer failed. didums.

now. must finish packing. good luck to everyone about something. see ya all in a week.
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