Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

ahh the cold

Melbourne has welcomed my return with rain and wind. it's a dreary 0(lightly circle thingy) degress outside and it looks like it'll only get better from here.
yes, it's finally cold in melbourne.
which means scarfs, jackets, boots, hats (and a recently aquired beanie) woolen socks, skivies (if i can find one going cheap) and much more. no more hiding from the sun, shedding clothes only to reapply, it's simply suit up and walk out, my breath visible to the naked eye and my nose pink from the crisp, chilled air.

having come from Adelaide which has been nothing but bright sun and cold winds for two weeks this overcast, depressing cloud cover is a reassuring blanket for my slightly askiew mind.

i love the melbourne rain, more persistant than a tele-marketer, more invasive than a government audit, the way it hides behind your door before you step out, then buckets like the apocolypse the step beyond it being worthwhile to return home for an umbrella. how it batters at window panes trying to drown out the commercials, and brings people together as they huddle against the icy blasts.

while most others will be griping and moaning about how they can't escape the cold, how they have to wear five layers just to keep out the breeze, i'll be thinking of the winter i experienced overseas, a winter with lightning storms but little rain, a winter with 30degress C, humidity that seaps under your skin and thins your blood, humidity that drains the sweat from your skin as you sit, in the shade, trying to breath as little as possible so that you don't move and create more heat.

and nothing says melbourne more than a midnight drizzle with gale force winds and a morning fog. it could only be capped by inch thick frost layering the windshields and hail like we used to get when I was a boy, don't get hail like that any more. young people today don't know what they're missing.

finally, a real winter. a Melbourne winter.
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