Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

wow... 2 years

I haven't posted anything on this website in 2 years. i can't believe its still being used. i figure i should write down whats happening somewhere, seeing as the internet will probably as long as paper this may not be a bad place.

so i'm homeless, not poor, living in Vancouver off the kindness of strangers (when did LJ start correcting people's spelling... i don't think i can handle this much change!!) i landed in vancouver on sunday unsure if i had a place to sleep that night and thats pretty much been the problem ever since. really, its a no brainer, worse case scenario i stay at a hostel, i just have to pay. probably wasn't smart to leave the week before easter so that all the hostels would be booked up but oh well. thanks to the wonderful resource Couchsurfing.com (thanks to the lovely couple for getting me onto that) i have been able to sleep free every night i've been here. soon though i leave for a farm, completely isolated (i'll need a boat to get out there... not to the town, to where i'll be living. my neighbours will be ducks, and most likely they'll Still complain about the noise).

thats enough complaining for now. i may find time to be more thorough at a later date. remember to breathe people.
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