Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
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Apocalypse part 2

Part 2

Collecting supplies from a farm that plans and prepares food supplies four months in advance is a very simple task. The hard task was dividing that which was absolutely necessary from that which was simply greatly desired, and from that which is necessary, that which is easily carried. In the end only a couple of weeks worth of dried food and water could be carried, possibly 2 months supply of rice, along with a tarp for a tent (the all weather canvas tent much too heavy a burden to be considered) and only one change of clothes.

Graham stared at the meager surroundings which was once his home. He believed that he could live for much longer in these conditions, but not indefinitely, and the thought that Lucas was in trouble, possibly dead, meant more needed to be done than just sitting and waiting. Whatever had leveled the town would find him eventually, he just hoped it would find him on his terms.

Laden with his canvas backpack, a relic from the second world war that a friend had once suggested he purchase, he set off into the jungle. Over the past 3 years he had slowly been turning the awe inspiring fauna around him from threatening silent beast, to beautiful scenery around mismanaged garden, to home. When Lucas had first arrived it was his persistence that forced Graham out of the hovel and into the trees. For the first few months he would only be gone for an hour or two, turning at every sight of snake or nest of ants. Eventually he grew accustomed to the sounds of the army of life that he would be able to camp for a night. After a year it was not uncommon for him to disappear into the forest for a week on end, should there be too many wwoofers or a particularly annoying one to contend with.

Now it would be more than a week, it would be indefinite. There would be no home to return to when food ran low. No Lucas to talk to when the world downloaded too much information into his brain. No direction. Little hope.

- I'll find out whats happened. I'll find Lucas, or I'll avenge him.

Graham prayed he would not wake up to what he really was running from. Prayed with more strength than he thought his soul could muster.

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