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dead peasant issurance, the Moore we hear the less we know...

Last night I was blessed with a cancellation of plans leaving me with an open evening and no one to see. Walking the streets of East Van on a tuesday night one can find oneself with too many option. I chose the option of seeing Micheal Moore's Capitalism: a Love story for $6 (turns out tight arse tuesday seems like a universal tradition :) ) wealth worth the money and more.

There is simply too much for one movie to show. Everything was brief and sensationalised, an attribute which I was not impressed with but could accept as a need for story telling. The simple truth of the film is that it Is true, people are being kicked out of their homes, which have been sold out from under them, under false promises from the greedy rich that we hoping to get richer, and succeeded, but playing on the average person who happened to trust them, oh whom there were thousands.

Lets add to this the down right dirty schemes of taking out life insurance policies on staff members. Google dead peasants insurance policies (yes, indeed, dead Peasants) and you'll find a long list of very powerful companies that do things that one might expect from mobsters. One company (and not a small one i might add, one of the major ones) received 5 million (for those playing the home game, thats $5,000,000USD) on one person that the family never sees that is completely Tax Free. thank you Uncle Sam.

The problem is that Americans believe that this could never happen to them. These tactics, on a smaller scale, have been used in South America, South Africa, any where the rich have been able to call their gambling play ground....

Welcome to the 21st Century America, the Rich suck and you never wanna be it, unless you want to take stock options on your Morals. Enjoy your concrete pavement bedding.
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