Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

I have completed something...

Outside the odd essay, short story assignment, countless poems (well, countable, but who really wants to spend their time doing that?) I haven't really completed any writing. All examples previously written have either been set by a school, or are so short they can be completed within an A4 page.

Today I completed something. A written piece of my own initiative that what will hopefully amount to about a 5 minute short film. Currently it's on paper, seeing a note book is easier to carry than constantly carting my lap top around, but gradually it's being typed up and will hopefully be sent out to the few people I know with video cameras and eventually made, on weekends, cos now that I can actually make my own movie I've gone and found myself a full time job. Life's a bitch.

I feel so deflated (why does that word always look like de-flat-ed?). It's basically come down to 5 pages of dialogue with camera directions and for the last week has Consumed my free time. It's not so much that it was hard to write, more that I don't give myself much free time, but now I'm meant to be typing it up and all I can think of is: Now I have nothing to write about.

This sucks. It was so much fun to read over it, make minor corrections, then continue with the story. There is still much correcting to be doing (taking out commas, putting them back. Repeat) but I'm not actually Writing. Now what am I going to do?

I mean, I still have to finish my play, and theres about 4 poems still be finished, plus another 3-5 that need to be edited before I'm fully satisfied with them, and possibly the comic book I need to flesh out to present to an artist... But they're not This piece.

Should people find themselves reading this and wish to be apart of the film feel free to drop me a line. So far I need.... Everything... Well, I think I can ask a guy to direct and film it for me as he's currently studying film at Uni and he's Russian so he'll like... stuff... but everything else could be useful.

Anyway. Back to editing... I guess...
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