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Layla, the G, and my little sister McKenzie

Layla, Yves, John and some crazy frenchman

each photo is of where we ate while on the farm. the first photo, and more to come, are of Pasta Night, thats when Mckenzie and another girl bought some Pasta and somehow it turned out i was the only one who could cook it. so, rallying the troops, i organised an assembly line and almost everyone in the commune helped cook. all i did was tell them what to chop, how much, and stirred, and the result is in the photo.

it tasted soo good. and i got all the credit (but of course handed it around in due portions) it was a brilliant night on the farm, not just for eating pasta andback patting, but the fact that we came together as a family and cooked together. latter that night a small group of us stayed up talking till the candle burned out, then continued talking in the darkness... was an amazing night.
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