Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

ahh shade.

as yet i have not become a LJ whore. i haven't. its just right now my room is fit to boil and there is no where to escape the heat where i can be left alone except this net cafe. i don't think these people even want me here, but they take my money anyway. no one asks my name, where i'm from or where i'm staying.

found out today that Jaipur Is Fucking Huge!! Jaipur rests between several mountains (i call them mountains, i'm sure people from other parts of the globe would just call them hills). there is one in the centre which has a fort, thats where i was this morning. the city stretchs Around the mountain. it's double the size i thought it was. when you stand at the top the city stretchs to the horizon. all you see is either other mountains or the city. theres also a bit of sand at the borrom of the hill.

ok, i should make an attempt at an LJ cut. you've all been forced to see them now, i'll hide them away.
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