Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

I can't believe i'm posting this...

I should be walking home. I'm running out of time and I really need to get to work. I should be logging off and simply walking away, but I'm Fucking furious. I'm furious because someone I slept with, someone I was intimate with, someone I shared a bed with and a small portion of my life is happy with the idea that a man can kill prostitutes and feed them to pig, even find it fitting and mildly humours. That she could call these women nothing more than objects, Things that have given up their humanity by their decision. Artifacts. Trash that needs to be cleaned from our streets.

That she would say that women who go to sex parties (the original topic of conversation) are no more than object themselves, things that deserve any raping they might receive should a gang of men become too unruly and take too much control. That they would go to these parties shows that want nothing more than to be savaged...

What hurts more is that the older I get the more I see this every day.

My dad used to say that refugees should be bombed at see. I gave up arguing against him, but I felt almost certain that when I grew older I would meet fewer of his kind. That the world would change as people realised we Are All Human, that the state of the clothes or the choices of their lifestyles does not diminish the rhythm of their heart. If you prick them they very much bleed and cry for the mercy that few have offered them.

I see it so much here in Vancouver because it is the homeless captial of Canada, being warm enough that many can live on the streets, that it does not snow enough during the winter that so many freeze as they do in Toronto or Montreal. It once had a strong social service, a heroin injection clinic (several, now down to one, and soon that too will be closed).

Now these people on the streets are nothing more than filth to the locals who live here. They are a shadow to be ignored as shadows are not meant to be seen when the sun is down. Humans are only meant to be viewed when they're pretty, full of life and love, full of the milk of human kindness. I have seen the mother that gives the milk of human kindness. Her breasts are chapped and raw from those who struggle and fight to be at the very front, then spit out what is given shouting it is not sweet enough. She has grown bitter and cruel, selfish of her own body, for none acknowledges her right to space, freedom, and the power of Giving, as all order her, and only shout their right to take.

I hate this need for taking because we all claim no one gives enough. I must pry my fare share from your cold dead hand. Shoot any that comes within sight, even though he might be offering more than he can give.

We are all human, regardless of how we choose to express it. No one has the right to lay claim to the name great than anyone else simply because of the decisions they make, for it is a quality that is not bestowed onto us by others by a gift we receive a birth. Unfortunately I am coming to see that it is less and less a gift and damn fucking shame to be born this way at all.

Next life I chose an atom, and please let it be for something that does no harm at all.
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