Puff the Magic Dragon (doesthemagkdrgn) wrote,
Puff the Magic Dragon

Apocalypse part 6

The food seemed fresh enough. It had been left on the ground, possibly dropped by one of the people still living in the city. How they could neglect such rich food was beyond Graham but he was not about to discourage the offering.

It was one of the local sticky buns, wrapped in paper without a hint of mold though possibly a little stale. He scanned the surrounding area for a sign of a bakery that could still be working but there was nothing but empty streets and deserted laneways. Graham pounced on it with a fury, denying all common sense to simply extend the joy of such a find. He could not help but shovel the oval bun into his mouth, devouring it with a series of moans that boarded cries of pain. The last morsel he raised to his nose and inhaled the scents to remember it's richness, placed gently on his tongue with the care of feeding a newborn, chewed like a Buddhist monk and chewed sixty times before swallowing.

He dropped to his knees and laughed, first a quiet giggle which eventually rose to a belly roar of joy. Unconsciously he rubbed his stomach and felt his muscles clench with his laughter. A tightness began to build in his abdomen, starting from his stern then a piano dropped into his groin. Graham collapsed onto his side, arms wrapped around his midriff, shouting out his pain. His breathing became short and painful, his lungs unable to expand past short gasps.

Graham twitched in a fit of agony and desperate escape from the pain. His vision dulled under black spots that slowly consumed his sight. His last image was of four men slowly walking towards him before he completely blacked out.

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